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30-year-old Taxi driver now cared for by mother

updated: 31-Jan-13

Thabo Matwetwe had been employed as a taxi driver at the time of the accident. The accident occurred in June 2006 while he was riding his motorcycle along a road. Another vehicle, travelling in the same direction as him, turned right across his path of travel causing the collision. There was nothing Thabo could have done to avoid the accident.

Thabo contacted de Broglio Inc and asked them for advice regarding the accident and a possible claim against the Road Accident Fund. After a thorough assessment and consultation with Thabo, de Broglio Inc confirmed that they would take on his claim and fight for compensation that would cover his past and future losses.

Since the accident, Thabo has been unable to care for himself independently and is now under the care of his mother. He sustained a severe brain injury with severe and permanent neuropsychological deficits. His right ear is deformed and he has extensive facial scarring. He also suffered tissue injuries to the spine, shoulder and left knee and left tibia.

de Broglio Inc employed a team of experts to consult with and assess Thabo including a Plastic & Reconstructive surgeon, A Clinical Neuropsychologist, a Neurosurgeon and various other leading experts. They confirmed the severity of his injuries, the long term impact of these on his future and that he is completely unemployable since the accident and will never be able to work as a taxi driver again.

Thabo and his family were kept abreast of the developments in his case throughout the claim by the team at de Broglio Inc. The matter was settled in the Johannesburg High Court for R1 800 000.00 in April 2011.

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