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V.M. - "I am very pleased with how they treated me"


My name is [ .... ], I am a de Broglio client. I want to commend the whole of de Broglio team who have been tirelessly working on my RAF claim, I must say I am very pleased with how they treated me as  a client at some point I would feel I'm their only client(which made me feel very special), their customer service is out of this world, from the admin staff  to the advocates.  And also I'm very pleased with the outcome of my claim. I would recommend de Broglio from any day. The updates the give you, the friendly admin staff when they call you wow!!!, everyone nje, a special thanks to the lawyer Ms Shristi, she's been very sweet, helpful and she would swiftly respond to any questions I would have without any hesitation, thank you so much ma'am. A special thanks  to the driver who have been with me everytime I needed to attend my expert appointment, Vincent thank you my guy, you have been indeed fenominal. Lastly to the whole de Broglio team thank you so much you're the best of the best,  the few years spent on this case felt like nothing because you were always there updating me every step of the way, keep up the good work.



2 September 2021